'The Playhouse Childcare'

Ofsted Registered Childminders

Ofsted Registered and Inspected

Every childcare setting will be inspected by Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education). Their role is to regulate and inspect settings in order to achieve excellence in care for children and young people and also to ensure that their is a high level of education and skills available for children of all ages. Setting's will be given one of the following outcomes dependant on the inspection.





Requires Improvement



 'The Playhouse' at Beckie' was inspected in December 2009, I was very pleased with the way it went and some of the comments were great.


"They are cared for in a welcoming family home, and play in an enabling environment, where they are very settled and content."

"Good emphasis is given to ensuring that every child is valued as an individual and their family members are actively involved."

"Children freely and safely choose toys that appeal to their interests, and initiate their own learning."

"They (The children) enjoy warm relationships with the childminder who is very attentive, encouraging children to play with the toys and motivating their conversation and learning........"


All quotes taken from current report December 2009


 'The Playhouse' at Beckie'was inspected and my outcome was:

Good ~ The provision is strong


The full report can be read at:~ The Playhouse Inspection Report


 Hayley was inspected at the beginning of January 2013. The Inspector liked many aspaects of her childminding setting, especially the relationship she has with her mindees. We are very proud of The Playhouse Childcare ~ Hayley receiving a "Good"!


The full report can be read here:-Hayley' Ofsted Report

"The learning environment is engaging and encourages children to explore and play. The childminder plans activities to support children's learning and has a good range of accessible resources to meet the children's individual needs. "

 "The childminder gives children's safety priority. Comprehensive risk assessments both within the setting and on outings allow the children to move freely and in safety."

 "The childminder is committed to offering a high quality provision to the children and their families. She continuously monitors and reviews her procedures to ensure that they are current and drive improvement."

" She is a consistent, calm, good role model for the children. The children show they have a secure attachment to her as they readily include her in play and happily make their needs known."

 'The Playhouse' at Hayley's  was inspected and the outcome was:

Good ~ The provision is strong





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