'The Playhouse Childcare'

Ofsted Registered Childminders

A Busy Day at The Playhouse

During the daytimes with our little pre schoolers, we aim to provide your child with a fun and safe environment that your child can treat as a second home. We want your child to have fun, make new friends, make a mess and thoroughly explore their new space whilst relaxing and learning through play.

Through the day we will be off out and about to the park, feeding the ducks, carer and tot sessions, soft play centre and lots, lots more.

All our planning at 'The Playhouse' corresponds with the Early Years Foundation Stage. This allows us to observe your child and ensure that they are meeting the Early Learning Goals. Although the planning is there, it is not rigid and is totally child led. Whatever we do in the day will be covered by the EYFS and ensures your child is achieving whilst we absorb and take in new experiences we have along the way.


Before school 'The Playhouse' aims to provide a relaxing and quiet environment where your child may read, colour, eat breakfast and generally gather their thoughts before they hit the hustle and bustle of school.

On return from school, a trip to the park or some kind of outdoor activity will be planned to release some of that built up excess energy, before heading back to 'The Playhouse' for tea. Once tea is over, your child will be encouraged to begin any homework or reading, then it's free play until hometime. Craft activities, construction, books, jigsaws and tv will be offered as they wind down into the evening ready for collection.


School Holidays are about having as much fun as possible. 'The Playhouse' will organise trips and outings, messy activities, creative and craft experiences, forest walks, den building, as well as construction, games, books and much, much more. The children will have a huge say on what they want to do and will be involved in the planning and having a great time!